Going for Eight

Going for Eight

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hampion bull rider Gerry Dillon has everything a man could want. He’s got more money than he knows what to do with, the adoration of fans, and his pick of women. And it was almost enough… until he comes up close and personal with a killer bull. After almost dying, he decides to make a few changes in his life. First thing on the list: go after the one woman he has always loved.

Charlie Freemont doesn’t want anything to do with Gerry. When he left their little Texas town all those years ago, he broke her heart. She’s moved on…or she thought she had. Ignoring him when he is miles away was much easier than resisting him when he is front and center in her life. She might let him charm her into bed, but that doesn’t mean she has to give him her heart.

Convincing her he’s there to stay will take more than Gerry’s average riding skills but this is one cowboy determined to win the final round.

Related to A Calculated Seduction but it is a Stand Alone Story.