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Features Vicente and Julianna

I’m the last Santini standing.

All my brothers have lost their damned minds and fallen for the Santini Curse. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. I already met the love of my life but she was my best friend’s girl.

Julianna is my dream girl and no woman has even come close to her in comparison.

Only now she’s free and we are finally living in the same place. But she says I’m a reminder of her past, and that is some place she doesn’t want to go. I can’t blame her.  That old buddy of mine was an abusive jerk–something I never knew.

But with one kiss, I melt her resistance, and soon, I talk her into more than one kiss. She tells me she doesn’t believe in happily ever after anymore, but I’m determined to prove to Jules I can give it to her.

Because I don’t mind being the last man standing as long as I’m HER man.